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Europe, Italy

Termoli, Borgo Antico

27 November, 2018 / 57 views

Lovely little gem on the Adriatic Sea.

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Belgium, UK, Europe, Belgium

Durbuy, the most Japanese city in Belgium

18 October, 2018 / 47 views

Durbuy is known for its beautiful architecture and for being one of the smallest cities in the world. But did you know that you could find there geological phenomenons as well as the largest topiary park in the world and that Naruhito, Crown Prince of Japan, and his wife visited Durbuy in 1999, making it the most Japanese city in Belgium?

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Tunisia, Africa

Tunis, a UNESCO wonder.

11 October, 2018 / 51 views

In the heart of Tunis is hidden a beautiful gem: the medina.

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Europe, Belgium

Belgian Coast: the beauty behind the concrete.

02 September, 2018 / 61 views

The Belgian Coast is well-known for the concrete buildings disfiguring the coastline. But there are still a few little surviving gems hidden behind the concrete walls.

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UK, Belgium, Belgium, Europe

Street Art in Brussels - updated

01 September, 2018 / 155 views

Once totally banned, street art is now part of Brussels and transfoms the city into an open air museum. Whilst there are some dedicated places for it, it is everywhere, on walls, urban furnitures, ... even some schools have their programmes of street art in agreement with their municipality. It is now seen as a sign of appropriation more than degradation.

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