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Casamassima, the Italian blue gem

Casamassina was founded during the medieval ages.

According to one legend, there was a terrible epidemic of plague in Bari territory during the second half of 1600. Casamassima was spared. Seen as a miracle, the Casamassimesi painted their home in blue, the colour of Manto della Madonna.

The tradition was perpetuate through centuries. Nowadays, the historical centre of Casamassima is not entirely blue but still is beautiful and worth a visit.

There are several houses with the original color whilst others have been recently painted as the place is slowly starting to be on tourist path.

The Chiesa Madre has a fantastic bronze door.

Barocco leccese architecture is found all over the old town.

Arco delle Ombre

According to the legend, the area around the Arc of the Shadows was inhabited by ghosts continuously passing below.

The truth is that when there was no public lighting and people were using lanterns at night, their shadows reflected on the walls, giving the impression of seeing ghosts.


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