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Dinant, between water and rocks

Dinant is on the list of the European Best Destinations 2019. It well deserves that, being a true postcard destination.

City overlook

Originally a Celtic settlement before falling into the hands of the Romans, the city experienced major progress thanks to its copperware industry known as Dinanderie (fine ornamental brassware) during the medieval times.

Dinant was largely destroyed during the 2 world wars but it is now a pleasant city to wander in.

Collegiate Notre-Dame

This Gothic church is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

It features remarkable stained glass including one of the largest Ladon glass roof in Europe. Ladon was a master glassmaker from Ghent.


It was built in 1815 by the Prince-Bishop of Liège. You can go up by cable car or take the very steep stairs.

Check the schedules before going.

Grotte La Merveilleuse

Private property, this cave is considered one of the best to visit in Belgium. Guided tours are operated on hourly basis so check the schedules ahead.

Saxophone Museum - La Maison de Monsieur Sax

As the native town of the great inventor of instruments Adolphe Sax, Dinant is full of saxophons. There is obviously a museum dedicated to the instrument maker who was also a soloist, acoustician, composer, conductor, pedagogue and publisher.

The free interactive Interpretive Centre is houses in the very home where Sax was born. It is a must see for jazz lovers.

Be careful, there are 2 dangerous things in Dinant.

Falling rocks and Couque de Dinant which is one of the hardest cookies on earth. Your teeth will hate it. It is a golden-brown biscuit made from flour and honey.

There are cruises held between April and October.