French Jura, the real Jurassic Park

23 July, 2018 / 169 views

No resurrected dinosaurs here, but if you like wine, cheese, lovely little villages and cities of character, lakes, caves, waterfalls, beautiful landscapes and wonderful hikes, French Jura is the right place for you.

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Somme, Land of Nature and History

11 June, 2018 / 276 views

From natural reserves to Belle Epoque beach resorts, castles and churches to underground cities, the French region of Somme has everything to make a great destination.

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14 August, 2015 / 105 views

Famed for its cliffs, Etretat is also a lovely little city with some splendid pieces of architecture and a great pebble beach.

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Charms of the "Belle Epoque"

15 July, 2015 / 239 views

North of France is known for its industrial past but it has also the most fabulous gems along its coastline: villas in architecture Belle-Epoque.

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