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Royal Greenhouses in Laeken - updated with photos

Royal Palace

The Royal Greenhouses were designed in 1873 by the architect Alphonse Balat under the rule of King Leopold II. The King wanted a greenhouse to complement the Castle of Laeken. Balat and Leopold II worked together on something totally new in the architectural world, mixing iron and glass to create a true glass palace. This new style will spread throughout the world.

Some of the plants present in the greenhouses are part of the original collection. They have more than a hundred years.

Others are very rare and valuable.


What to know

In 2019, the Greenhouses are open from 19 April till 10 May.

There is a small fee of 2.50€ to pay for visiting the Greenhouses.

Schedules are different from day to day so check ahead before going there.

Queues can be very long.

It is worth it to go there by day and by night.

From the park, you have a beautiful view of Brussels.

Nearby you have the Chinese and Japanese Pavilions, the Atomium and Laeken Cathedral, all beautiful places to visit.

Chinese Pavilion
Japanese Pavilion

For more information about the schedule, check the following link