Top things to do in Carpi, Italy

03 January, 2018 / 135 views

“Carpi? Really? Don’t you mean Capri?”

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Modena, home to Ferrari, vinegar and opera

15 December, 2017 / 80 views

Off the tourist tracks although it is a UNESCO Heritage Site, colourful Modena deserves a visit.

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How to survive Venice Biennale

20 November, 2017 / 239 views

Every other year, Venice helds the biggest contemporary art fair in the world. Exhibitions are set in the main Biennale sites but not only. So how to make the most of it? If you have 2 or 3 available days, check the itinerary linked at the end of this post.

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How to survive Venice when you are tight

08 November, 2017 / 124 views

Venezia la Serenissima has the reputation of being a very expensive city. It can be surprisingly cheap if you know when and where to go, as well as what to see. Whether you are on a tight budget or really stingy, it is possible to have a great stay in Venice without spending a fortune.

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6 must-see churches in Florence

20 December, 2016 / 140 views

Where to find the most interesting artworks.

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How to survive Florence when you do not like museums and/or churches

01 November, 2016 / 308 views

Florence is a beautiful Italian city full of history. But is it worth to visit it if you do not like spending time in churches and museums?

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